Dear HR Colleagues,

A big thank you to all who attended the 2014 Iowa SHRM State Conference – HR’s Mission:  Impossible!  Our mission was a huge success, thanks to you and all our speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers!  We received great feedback and will use that information as the 2015 committee begins preparations for next year!

A few wrap up items:

  1. You may still access the app to retrieve handouts and other information from the conference.  Even if you do not have a smart phone – you may access these handouts by clicking on the link below.
  2. HRCI recertification information is also accessible through the app.
  3. Thanks for your patience at a new venue as we worked through some of the growing pains associated with a new conference center and large crowd.

Lastly, we are excited for next years’ “HR HeRoes” theme and hope to see all of you in Des Moines at the Iowa Events Center – October 7-9, 2015.  There will be information posted on our state council and conference websites in early January so stay tuned as more information becomes available.  As always we are looking for colleagues who want to get more involved.  If you have an interest in helping on next year’s conference committee or even at the local level with a chapter, feel free to contact me directly or our state director, Lori Hoffmann (  We would love to talk to you about volunteer opportunities.

In closing, another genuine and heartfelt thank you to our conference committee members, our ‘special agents’, who worked endless hours behind the scenes to pull together all the moving pieces that resulted in a great opportunity for you to learn, grow and network so that you can have a bigger positive impact on your organization and the people around you!!  They definitely had a positive impact on me and I’m so thrilled that all of you were the recipients of their hard work and talents. (Reed Burson, Matt Clarke, Sara Deich, Jan Dolan, Steve Fiorello, Anne Howard, Shirley Hoveland, Mary Jones, Liz Louck, Julie Moss, Karen Rieck, Linda Russell, Jeff Staton, Suzette Wheeler, Megan Wonsmos)


Mary Greiner, SPHR
Iowa SHRM  2014 State Conference Director
Phone: 319-467-3815
Cell: 319-310-7114

Conference Team 2014 HR Mission








Hello to all fellow HR leaders, partners and friends! 

Welcome to the State Conference site where you will be able to find the most up to date information about the upcoming Iowa SHRM State Conference.  I am excited to return to a new, but familiar assignment as the ‘lead’ agent and state conference director for this year’s conference – HR’s Mission: Impossible!! I was fortunate enough to help with the 2012 State Conference and am thrilled to take on a new challenge with a great group of special agents, who are working hard ‘undercover’ to investigate the best possible solutions to make our mission POSSIBLE! A list of those talented agents is below. Our mission is to create a professional development opportunity in a great environment to learn, network and expand your HR knowledge and involvement that will help you with whatever mission you are presented with in your workplace.  We will periodically update information on the site so that you can access speaker, vendor, sponsor and venue related information.  Please accept our mission to you…REGISTER for the 2014 State Conference!

Mary G #3Mary Greiner, SPHR
Lead Agent – 2014 Iowa SHRM State Conference



Registration is now open for the 2014 Iowa SHRM State Conference! HR’s Mission: Impossible!!


Where? The newly remodeled Double Tree by Hilton, Convention Complex in Cedar Rapids.
When? Dates are Wednesday, October 1 through Friday, October 3.
Why? Veteran “Agents” on the conference committee are working hard to secure an experience that will help make your HR Mission: Possible!!







Key reasons to accept this mission?

  • Over 16 anticipated HRCI recertification hours available
  • Award winning speakers – Preconference: Jeff Kortes – “No Nonsense Retention…Making the Impossible Possible” Keynotes: Susan Ershler – Everest and Seven Summits Mountaineer, Business and Sales Executive and James Lloyd, Motivational Humorist, Customer Service and Corporate Training Expert *Arrangements for the appearance of Susan Ershler and James Lloyd made through BigSpeak, Inc., Santa Barbara CA.
  • 65+ Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Networking with over 600 HR professionals
  • Professional HR Development in latest trends and best practices
  • Value Added Return on Investment (no price increase for early bird registration)
  • Fun theme and activities throughout the event

Want to volunteer at the 2014 Iowa SHRM State Conference and get certified as a ‘secret agent’?? There are still options to help! Go to the website to contact one of us for volunteer opportunities!

2014 HR’s Mission: Impossible Secret Agents – i.e. Conference Committee
Conference Director – Mary Greiner
Conference Treasurer – Karen Rieck
Programs – Shirley Hoveland/Sara Deich
Exhibitors/Sponsorships – Megan Wonsmos
Registration – Julie Moss/Steve Fiorello/Jan Dolan/Mary Jones
Facilities – Suzette Wheeler/Matt Clarke
Volunteers – Reed Burson/Linda Russell
Web Marketing – Anne Howard/Marsha Aldridge
Brochure – Liz Louck
Volunteer Reception – Jeff Staton

Mary Greiner
2014 Iowa SHRM State Conference, Conference Director

We’re excited to share our 2014 Preconference & Keynote Speakers!

Jeff Kortes – Preconference

“No Nonsense Retention…Making the Impossible Possible”

Jeff Kortes

Jeff Kortes has 25 years of experience as a human resources professional, trainer, and consultant. He has held leadership roles while working for companies such as ConAgra, Midas International, SPX, and Regal Ware, Inc. After three facility closures, a strike and a corporate buyout, Jeff started Human Asset Management LLC.

He has trained hundreds of first-line supervisors, managers, and executives during his career.  His no-nonsense, common sense approach is reflected in his Execution Focused Leadership® series which is designed to build positive supervisory and managerial behavior while driving results in the organization.

Jeff draws on his experiences as a human resources professional, father, coach, martial artist and service in the US Army to provide thought provoking programs.

James Lloyd – Keynote

Motivational Humorist, Customer Service and Corporate Training Expert

James Lloyd

James is the current president of 9 Screens International.  For the past thirty years, he has captivated and motivated audiences on five different continents. He magically engages listeners with his genuine down-home approach – a unique blend of timely humor, insightful knowledge, contagious enthusiasm, and personal sharing. James plucks his poignant stories from a background rich in training, leadership development, sales and customer service. While memorably weaving this all together, James displays a remarkable gift to touch people’s hearts.

James imparts vision and encourages audiences to visualize new horizons and develop to their fullest potential. James ignites a spark, and people “catch” his passion to awaken that fire within and burn brightly – keeping positive and striving for excellence.

James has published two books, I’m on Fire, Watch me Burn!, and Torch Tips for a Luminous Life and has developed and delivered three Continuing Education (CE) courses utilized by health insurance agents to fulfill State of California continuing licensure requirements.

Arrangements for the appearance of James Lloyd made through BigSpeak, Inc., Santa Barbara CA,


Susan Ershler – Keynote

Everest and Seven Summits Mountaineer, Author, Business and Sales Executive

Susan Ershler

Susan’s record would be remarkable enough if it only detailed her business achievements. During her 23-year corporate career, she has held a series of increasingly responsible executive positions in the sales divisions of Fortune 500 companies. She led teams to sales records, beating quotas from $1 million to $600 million. Ending as a vice president of sales for a multi-national telecommunications corporation, she was responsible for their fast-growing Internet division. She also worked at US WEST, United Technologies, FedExKinko’s, and GTE (Verizon). During her business career, she earned 11 annual President’s Club sales awards — the top honors awarded to the sales people in these companies.

But as she was marking these achievements, she and her husband Phil, a professional mountain guide, were climbing the Seven Summits — the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents.

That remarkable journey culminated at the top of Mount Everest on May 16, 2002. With that climb, she and Phil became the first couple in history to climb the Seven Summits together. They’ve written a book on their adventure, Together on Top of the World: A True Story of Love and Courage, published by Warner Books.

That feat earned them world-wide media attention, including Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times and many others.

•Honored with eleven annual President’s Club sales awards including the exclusive national award: “Regional Sales Manager of the Year”
•Climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest on May 16, 2002 with her husband Phil becoming, “The first couple to climb the Seven Summits together” (the highest peak on each of the world’s seven continents.)
•Sue became the 12th American woman to climb Mt. Everest and the fourth American woman to complete the Seven Summits.

Not a professional mountain climber, Susan trained by climbing the 35 stories in her high-rise office building on her lunch hour for a year — with a 40-pound pack on her back.

Susan tells her electrifying story with clarity and passion. She shows how hard work, dedication, perseverance and a total commitment to excellence can pay off in reaching seemingly impossible goals.

Her leadership message begins with visualizing a goal, no matter how difficult or out of reach. She continues with techniques to improve focus and discipline and shows how essential teamwork is to achievement. And she concludes with a passionate affirmation of the value of life and the thrill of celebrating your success from the top of the world.

Susan’s message stands apart for its credibility and power. Having climbed the mountain — in work, and in the world, Susan Ershler is the real deal.

Arrangements for the appearance of Susan Ershler made through BigSpeak, Inc., Santa Barbara CA,

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