7 Steps to Increasing Your Hiring Success Ratio

Presented By: Julie Caspar

CasparHuman Resources is integral in increasing the value of people capital within an organization. Pivotal in achieving this goal is hiring right the first time around. 7 Steps to Increasing Your Hiring Success Ratio shows the advantages of approaching recruitment in a PR context, presents competencies as critical success factors, and demonstrates the necessity for all parties involved with selection to recruit for the same things, using specific tools and practices to increase the probability of hiring success. Also highlighted is the critical nature of HR from beginning to end, making a significant impact on the organization’s hiring success ratio.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Presenting 7 Steps
  • Charting a recruiting plan / strategy
  • Developing a critical success factor outline
  • Providing an interview and evaluation guide for selection team
  • Reviewing HR’s role per step

Julie Caspar M.S. is President, HR Hotline Associates specializing in Compensation, Staffing, Performance Consulting and Leadership. Julie taught at Drake University in the Leadership Development program for 10 ½ years, has held board roles on Central Iowa SHRM, plus has volunteered HR expertise in board advisory capacities. Julie has facilitated numerous seminars, presented at conferences on various topics, has been published in the Des Moines Register, was featured in, Let’s T.A.L.K.: Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal training video, and has recently authored & self-published her second book, 7 Steps to Increasing Your Hiring Success Ratio, slated for release, Fall 2016.

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