Be Remarkable: HR Leadership in Action

By: Mel Gonnerman Jr., Ph.D.
Mel GonnermanThis session is for HR leaders who want to recharge, refocus, and renew their commitment to being remarkable. The focus will be on examining (a) how leaders’ attitudes about themselves and others affect the workplace culture and climate, and (b) what day-to-day decisions about personnel, policies, and processes reveal about one’s priorities and values. This session will include discussion designed to challenge and encourage participants to grow as leaders who see the best in others and develop them to achieve greatness.

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Discuss key factors related to people, processes, and priorities and their impact on workplace culture and climate;
  • Reflect on how the actions and decisions that human resource leaders make affect the lives of employees; and
  • Identify a specific behavioral change that can enhance one’s effectiveness as a HR professional.

About the Speaker:
Mel Gonnerman Jr. is a trainer, coach, and speaker who enjoys sharing knowledge and insights that help people lead and succeed by bringing out the greatness in themselves and others. He currently is the Director of Industrial and Organizational Services at The Peerman Group. Mel earned his Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University where he specialized in Social and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His previous professional experiences as a university professor, research operations manager, founder & executive director of a faith-based non-profit organization, and corporate planner & marketing director at a manufacturing company help him to connect with a wide range of audiences. Mel delivers informative content with a relaxed presentation style that makes it easy for people to learn and encourages them to grow personally and professionally.

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