Before it Comes to Blows – Managing Conflict from the High Road

Presented By: Lauren Schieffer

SchiefferThe most dynamic and successful organizations (and people!) learn how to resolve conflict before it starts, creating an atmosphere that fosters understanding and expression. These skills may not come naturally, but they can be learned.  Keeping employees motivated to reach their full potential and remain engaged fostering an environment of harmony and respect. It also requires understanding how to diffuse and resolve conflict when it arises. With a simple but dynamic combination of concepts and skills this engaging session will show you how to prevent, manage and resolve conflict before it comes to blows!

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • The value of conflict prevention vs. conflict management
  • The difference between respect FOR and respect TO someone
  • How to function successfully in the midst of ongoing conflict
  • How to find the win-win-win from a well-managed conflict

For the past 15 years, Lauren Schieffer has been helping global audiences find their individual significance, communicate respectfully and avoid unnecessary conflict.  Able to relate to and energize everyone from the custodial staff to C-Level executives, Lauren Schieffer has spent her career pinpointing characteristics of significance, how to understand differing communication styles, and how to prevent and manage conflict from the High Road.  Her clients include The United States Departments of Labor, Agriculture, Veterans Affairs and Justice, Colgate Palmolive, QuikTrip, CenturyLink, InterContinental Hotel Group and State Farm Insurance. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion unmistakable.

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