Boss Whispering: Helping Abrasive Leaders become Great Leaders

By: Warren H. Phillips, Ph.D.
Warren PhillipsThis workshop helps attendees understand the motivation behind the behavior of abrasive leaders and team members in the workplace. It also presents a model for transforming abrasive behavior in ways that enhance leaders’ interpersonal effectiveness. Transforming abrasive leaders into effective leaders increases productivity, commitment, and engagement in their co-workers and team members, thereby increasing profit and decreasing risk for the organization.



Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Identify the characteristics of an abrasive leader/team member
  • Understand the risks posed to an organization by abrasive leaders
  • Understand the motivation underlying the behavior of abrasive leaders
  • Know the necessary steps an employer must take with abrasive leaders
  • Identify the benefits of using a specialized consultant to help abrasive leaders become effective leaders
  • Understand the 4 steps of intervention that a specialized leadership consultant must take to help abrasive leaders transform into effective leaders

About the Speaker:
Dr. Warren Phillips is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 25 years experience working with human behavior and relationships in multiple contexts. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University and a full member of the American Psychological Association, the Iowa Psychological Association, the Association for Talent Development (also Central IA Chapter), and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. He and his business partner, Warren Jacobs, MFT (a marriage and family therapist), run Transformative Workplace Solutions, based in Iowa. The mission of Transformative Workplace Solutions is to transform human relationship obstacles into advantages that help businesses profit from their relationships and help employees love coming to work.

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