Building a Culture of Happiness

By: Jami Haberl
Jami HaberlThe phrase “healthy workplace” brings many images to mind. Some may associate it with few worksite injuries or happiness at work. While there are no universal standards, a multitude of elements can make a place of employment happy and ultimately healthy. Since most adults spend at least half of their waking hours at work, it’s important that our worksites are the ideal place to make positive health changes. Additionally, many Iowans receive health insurance through work, giving employers motivation to keep employees healthy. Iowa has a vision to become the healthiest state in the nation and worksites play a critical role in helping the state achieve this vision. Join the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative to learn about low-cost and free evidenced-based strategies worksites can do to increase the happiness of your employees, decrease rising healthcare costs and ensure the success of your organization today and into the future.

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Learn tips for creating culture of happiness at work
  • Understand the benefits of building a culture of happiness

About the Speaker:
Jami Haberl joined as the executive director of the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative in December 2014. Jami has over 15 years of experience bringing together government, business and nonprofit organizations around issues tied to disasters, health and well-being. Prior to joining the Healthiest State Initiative, Jami served in executive roles at Safeguard Iowa Partnership, Iowa Foundation for Medical Care and the Center for Disaster Operations and Response at the Iowa Department of Public Health. A native of Lohrville, Iowa, Jami received her undergraduate degree in community health education from Iowa State University and master’s degrees in public health and healthcare administration from Des Moines University.

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