Business Case for Wellbeing and Why Space Matters

Presented By: Amy Elbert

Amy Elbert_Standing_2014The nature of work is quickly shifting from solo task work to team based knowledge work. Employers understand that great people who are engaged in their work and eager to put forth discretionary effort are critical to their success.

A large amount of time is spent at work and people want a space that inspires them to do great work and ultimately improves their wellbeing. Research supports what logic already tells us; healthy, happy employees are more productive, more engaged and ultimately improve the bottom line. The workspace is quickly becoming a critical component to a company’s overall competitive strategy.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Understanding how space impacts employee wellbeing and ultimately the bottom line of an organization.
  • Identifying the global drivers of employee wellbeing programs in the USA, as well as globally.
  • Identifying the 5 business trends of change in the workplace through the lens of wellbeing and the workplace. (Enabling Technology, War for Talent, Shifting Demographics, Mandate to Innovate and Work Life Blur)
  • Understanding the work space implications from the 5 business trends that are reshaping the workspace. (Example: Daylight increases productivity by 18%. People want and need daylight. Old planning models placed executives on the window walls and all other staff in the core of the building. New planning models bring light into the core of the building for everyone. This is probably the most significant design solution that starts to change everything else.)


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