Facebagged, Twerminated, and NetWORKed: Social Media,Technology, and the Law

Kelli Lieurance HeadshotBy: Kelli Lieurance

With the continuing expansion of technology, employers face unique challenges to assure their policies and procedures are both legally compliant and help minimize legal liability. This presentation will highlight some of the developing legal issues surrounding social media and technology use in (and out of) the workplace, and will include a practical discussion of what you can and cannot do in terms of regulating employee social media use.

Presentation Objectives:
By the end of the session, participants will be able to recognize potential pitfalls when disciplining employees for social media use, as well be better able to craft compliant social media policies.  Participants will also be able to spot issues related to employee use of personal devices, wearables, and other technology.

About the Speaker:
Kelli P. Lieurance is a partner in Baird Holm’s Labor and Employment Practice Group.  She focuses on labor and employment law compliance, assisting employers with proactive, rather than just defensive, compliance efforts. Her practical approach not only offers clients a realistic view of their legal obligations, but also assists clients in implementing such obligations in a way that best suits their business needs.

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