Fiduciary Responsibilities – The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

Presented By: Matthew Eickman

EickmanThe retirement plan landscape presents greater challenges and risks than ever before, in light of recent regulatory and litigation outcomes. How can you best ensure that your company overcomes those challenges and protects against the risks? Join in a discussion regarding the benefit to implementing proactive and informed processes that not only protect your fiduciaries, but also positively impact your employees’ futures.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Complying with compensation and benefits practices, laws, and regulations
  • Understanding fiduciary responsibilities and identifying practices for fulfillment
  • Developing the ability to perform a critical evaluation of the current program and alternative designs and service providers

Matthew Eickman, J.D., serves as the Director of ERISA Services for Qualified Plan Advisors. He has more than 13 years of private legal practice experience in identifying permissible solutions for fiduciaries and participants. He uses industry data and the study of behavioral finance in assessing which of those permissible solutions is most likely to drive the desired outcome. Matthew is the Chair of the Defined Contribution Plans Subcommittee for the American Bar Association, a member of the IRS TE/GE Gulf States Council, and a member of QPA’s Investment Advisory Committee.

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