Financial Wellness Leadership: A Tale of Ostriches, Wart Hogs & Giraffes

By: Joanne Kuster and Kathy Krogmeier
Joanne KusterKathy KrogmeierBoomers, millennials and employees in between? Regardless of age or salary, money worries and financial stressors impact employees’ productivity….and your bottom line. Dozens of studies verify that financial stress is on the rise and point to the necessity of helping employees build the personal finance skills they need. If leading your team to develop better financial wellness strategies is on your “to-do” list, here’s the session you need to add a great return on investment. Learn what it takes to create cost-efficient programming that really engages employees, helping them take control of their financial future and lower their financial stress. Delve into the interplay between early financial wellness and retirement readiness to see where you can make the most improvements to take employees to the next level. Get energized to develop your team’s tools and resources to launch financial wellness initiatives that move employees from procrastination to action. Joanne and Kathy will share trending program ideas that work, no matter the size of your organization. You will also learn how others measure the success of their workplace initiatives.

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Increase the ROI of your employee benefits package – what you can do now.
  • How to create effective financial wellness programming that employees want to attend – and will take home to their family.
  • Tips and tools to reach employees in every age group in your workplace – what works and what doesn’t.

About the Speaker:
The speakers bring a wealth of expertise in financial education.

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