Fuel Employees for Top Performance

By: Jason Kiesau
Jason KiesauPeople are like high performing vehicles. The wrong fuel will lead to poor performance and breakdowns. The right fuel will efficiently produce top performers. 40 years of research suggest that our observable behavior can be described in one of four ways that, when understood, give leaders the insight to fuel their people properly leading to less breakdowns and more top performance.




Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Understand your individual social style
  • Identify how to best fuel other team members for improved productivity
  • Improve relationship building skills

About the Speaker:
Jason Kiesau has been studying personal, professional and leadership development for most of his adult life. As the Leadership and Talent Development Manager for Aureon, he travels the country working with leaders in the areas of self-management, relationship building, strategic thinking, and development of high performing teams. Jason’s purpose is to inspire confidence in everyone he works with, and he is passionate about helping them pursue and achieve meaningful results.

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