“Headhunters” and fees, where and how do they fit in your recruiting model?

Roy_Small (002)By: Jim Roy

Finding top talent in the current labor market in Iowa is a tremendous challenge.  The concept of paying a fee for top talent can be scary.  This presentation is discuss how and when to utilize a professional recruiting firm.




Presentation Objectives:

  • To better understand the current recruiting climate in Iowa.
  • To explain and better understand when you should call for outside help.
  • To understand how fees are generated.
  • To understand the mind of a recruiter and how they think about your organization.
  • How to position yourself as an employer of choice.

About the Speaker:
Jim Roy is the Senior Vice President with QPS Employment Group.  He has worked in the recruiting and staffing industry for 25 years.  Meeting with employers to discuss recruiting strategy is Jim’s favorite thing to do!

QPS has filled over 125 professional positions year to date in the industrial world.  From COO’s to Quality Managers, QPS has a recruiting focus across the Midwest to help employers find the top talent.

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