How Human Resources Can Influence the C-Suite

Kyle Ray-HeadshotBy: Kyle Ray

This presentation will address the goals of the C Suite team during the planning, implementation and monitoring of business plans, and will specifically address how Human Resource professionals can ensure that they are seen as a necessary party to be included in these discussions.



Presentation Objectives:

  • To motivate Human Resource professionals to not shy away from the C suite.
  • To provide recommendation on how to strengthen the trust with the CFO/COO.
  • Why you should never say “I don’t like numbers” and other detrimental statements.
  • How to quantify the importance of people and culture.

About the Speaker:
Kyle grew up in McIntyre, Georgia and upon graduation of high school enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. During his 10 years of service, Kyle earned a B.S in Business Administration and a M.S. in Operations Management. Kyle was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2011 and began working at Wells Fargo in secondary lending. During this time he also attended Drake University where he earned a Masters of Accountancy.

In 2012, Kyle began working with TrueNorth Companies as the Director of Finance. His responsibilities were to ensure proper due diligence and implementation of Mergers and Acquisitions and additionally to oversee the financial responsibilities of the Employee Benefits Division.

In 2015, Kyle began to focus specifically on Employer Health Plan financing strategies. Kyle’s ability to translate complicated compliance and alternative risk financing methods into meaningful strategies has compelled TrueNorth clients of all sizes to consider and embrace different approaches to funding Employer Health Plans and managing loss control.

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