How to Design and Implement a Successful Strategic Management Coaching Initiative

Margi Bush HeadshotBy: Margi Bush

Effective managers are the key to any organization succeeding in today’s VUCA environment. Bring a creative edge to your organization and learn how to train and develop your managers to incorporate coaching as a key component of your performance management process.

During this session, we will explore: How to build a framework for updating performance management, how to make it meaningful without eliminating performance appraisals, how to improve the quality of employee development conversations by moving from a once-a-year conversation to a regular conversation.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Learn how to foster a coaching culture that improves communications between managers and employees
  • Learn a coaching process that takes the pain out of the annual performance review
  • Learn a coaching mindset that facilitates an innovative approach developing effective employees

This specific session will focus on the SHRM competency of HR Technical Expertise and Practice, and target the key behaviors of consultation and business acumen.

In this session, participants will learn to proactively initiate (or adeptly respond to a request for) a “management coaching program.” Specifically, they will learn techniques to identify need, gather relevant data, leverage performance management, and communicate findings to senior management. They will learn key areas to consider and standard traps to avoid falling into. Finally, they will learn how to keep a program energized and permanently ingrain it into the organization’s culture, all the while communicating its success in the language of business.

About the Speaker:
Margi Bush, ACC, ICF Certified Coach, Certified MBTI Master Practitioner, President of Collaborative Thinking LLC d.b.a. Wisdom Tree Coaching, President of the Charleston WV Chapter of SHRM, Master’s Degree Human Resource Management and SHRM-SCP and SPHR certified.

Margi does relationship coaching, leadership coaching and team coaching, and trains managers to incorporate coaching in employee development.


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