HR Project Management

CelinaPeerman-PicBy: Celina Peerman

Accomplishing specific outcomes in coordination across lines and departments is critical to success today. As a result, we are all project managers. This session will examine principles of project management from the initiating phase through evaluation phase. Emphasis will be placed on clearly defining scope, identifying stakeholders, developing a communication plan, executing the plan, and handling conflicts.



Presentation Objectives:

  • Review effective project management principles
  • Analyze and prepare for common roadblocks that can prevent success
  • Apply learning to handle unexpected issues, political barriers, change, and conflict
  • Connect best practices to daily actions as HR professionals for continuous improvement

About the Speaker:
Dr. Celina Peerman is passionate about behavior at work that distinguishes a company and serves all stakeholders. Her work as in HR and as an organizational behavior specialist has allowed her thousands of hours with hundreds of companies that she can apply over 24 years of experience into practical and real-life scenarios. Through a combination of research, a sense of humor and real tools, Celina shares her experience through keynotes, training and customized opportunities to help drive performance on the job by growing our best resources – people.

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