Leveraging Your Company Culture to Recruit and Retain

Presented by: Jim Roy & Steve Vaught

Vaught Steve
jimroyDo you ever feel like your work life is a steady flow of box checking, fire extinguishing, and reacting to problems you didn’t create? This presentation will reframe your challenges and help position you as a strategic leader no one recognizes. Finally, you can take your seat at your company’s Strategy Table.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Corporate Culture is key to recruitment and retention.
  • The current labor market demands a shift from reactive tactics to strategic, long term processes.
  • As the gatekeeper of your company, your knowledge, expertise and perspective is critical to its success.

Steve Vaught, President, Organizational Architects
Steve Vaught has more than 35 years of business experience in the Greater Des Moines area. Having worked for publicly-traded, Fortune 500 companies as well as owning two businesses of his own has provided him the ability to connect with people across all industries and positions.

Possessing 16 years of business consulting experience with White Rabbit Group and SMV Associates, he has worked with leadership teams in a variety of industries to reimagine their organizations, empower employees, and support healthy organizations that not only retain the best and brightest but attract others.


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