Make the Business Case! Presenting Your HR Solutions to the C-Suite

By: Kendra Q. Dodd, SHRM-SCP
Kendra DoddLooking to raise the credibility and contributions of HR in your organization and become a trusted business partner? Want to get your ideas heard and considered by the C-Suite? In any business – money talks. If you’re not speaking the language of business, your great HR ideas can be overlooked. Trusted HR business partners solve business problems with HR solutions – documenting the problem, the cost of the problem, the HR solution and cost, and the final impact on the bottom line – profits! Learn how to effectively communicate your great ideas to the C-Suite and impact the success of your business!


Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Identify business problems where HR solutions can be most valuable
  • Learn how to place a dollar value on the problems, solutions, and profit increase
  • Create business proposals that solve business problems with HR solutions

About the Speaker:
Kendra understands the importance of development and has a strong passion for continuous learning. She loves researching and gaining new knowledge, often jesting that she never progressed out of the “curiosity stage” in life. This dynamic enthusiasm is evident in the training sessions she facilitates and in her interactions with colleagues and clients.

Kendra’s background includes human resources management, training and development, and labor/employee relations in manufacturing and nonmanufacturing environments. Her experience includes nearly 20 years in union avoidance strategies, with particular strength in employee relations for unions and nonunion work groups. She is skilled and experienced in training and development as well as in design/implementation of policies and procedures.

Kendra’s formal education consists of a master’s degree in human resources development. She also is a certified DDI Trainer and a certified Career and Life Coach.

Kendra is a board of directors with three non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities. She also has been an adjunct instructor for St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in their Masters of Human Resources Program for the past four years. Her favorite quote/saying is “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. So let’s walk on the wild side and change!

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