Making Sense of Your People Puzzle

Presented By: Heather Marquez

MarquezEver wonder why some people do the things they do?  Do you have a person on your team that you just can’t seem to connect with? Do you feel frustrated about not being on the same page as your team, spouse, or children?  In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn the basics of the Human Behavior Model and how to turn that understanding into better communication.



Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Identifying personal primary behavior pattern
  • Understanding the basic characteristics of all 4 patterns of behavior
  • Using the process to adapt their communication styles to others and increase influence and engagement

As a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Think Buzan Mind Mapping  Instructor, and Certified Human Behavior Specialist, Heather Marquez helps individuals and teams drive results and overcome obstacles in a creative, growth driven manner.  She supports leaders in business who are frustrated by the chaos around them and the feeling of never being enough.  With over 20 years of leadership experience, her mission is to help others realize their purpose and passion through collaboration to unlock their leadership potential.  She accomplishes this through workshops, seminars, and coaching to build their confidence and take back control so that they can enjoy life again.  Whether you are leading yourself or others, you can truly live your strongest life and have the business results you dream of.  Growth is the journey to creating positive change for your future!

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