Medicare 101 – Health Insurance Options for Retirees

Headshot-Corey HoodjerBy: Corey Hoodjer

For many, Medicare is a confusing and unfamiliar topic. From a new set of guidelines, different products and a unique set of terminology and acronyms, Medicare seems intimidating to those new to the topic. However, with the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age and Medicare eligibility, many of our clients are hearing questions about Medicare, but lack the personal knowledge or resources to answer them. In this session, we will review Medicare basics, including basic terminology, eligibility, options for those who are or are thinking about retirement, and how human resources professionals can help answer employee questions. Additional resources and collateral will be shared to as a guide.

Presentation Objectives:
The objectives of this presentation are to provide attendees with a basic level of understanding regarding Medicare. We will review the program as a whole, options available to those who are or will soon reach Medicare eligibility and how to answer the most common questions related to Medicare.

About the Speaker:
Corey Hoodjer is the Medicare Business Consultant at Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield. His role is to serve as a resource for Wellmark’s employer groups and for Wellmark’s agents and brokers specific to Medicare, providing both individual and group-sponsored solutions. Corey has been at Wellmark for six years, with 13 years of insurance experience. He was an account manager for a large agency in Iowa for the past five years and has direct sales experience as an agent. Corey has a degree from Luther College in Decorah and has completed graduate work at Iowa State University.


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