Moving the Needle on Engagement

By: Rick Speckmann, Executive Business Advisor
Rick Speckmann (3)Engagement results are in and they aren’t pretty – Now what? We have seen the studies that less than 40% of employees are fully engaged at work. That directly impacts productivity, profitability and leaves your employees wide open to other job opportunities. This presentation will take you beyond retention tactics. You will be equipped with the best practices for creating targeted action plans that drive management to act and compel employees to stay and surpass previous performance levels.

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • How to select the best survey instrument for your company.
  • How to take survey data to impressive actionable engagement initiatives.
  • How to achieve buy-in and commitment from senior management.
  • How to deliver survey results to managers and employees.
  • Create a long-term employee engagement strategic plan.

About the Speaker:
With 40 years of business management/leadership/ownership experience, wisdom is an ever-present deliverable in Rick Speckmann’s work. He is quick to smile when referring to his wisdom because of the many lessons he’s learned throughout his career. He quips, “Those hard lessons of ‘wrong’ decisions proved pretty expensive. Thankfully, I am a determined optimist, so I just kept trying. I ultimately leveraged that experiential learning into a set of skills that delivered a series of remarkable successes. The virtue in that is I can pass forward those ‘best practices’ to our members.” Rick’s leadership responsibilities include roundtable development, outplacement services, strategic planning facilitation, and executive coaching.

High energy, an optimistic outlook, and an insatiable appetite for “raising the bar” of performance are among Rick’s strongest traits. With a diverse background in nine different industries, Rick brings a broad spectrum of skills to the MRA team. Past experiences in five companies as a founder, partner, and manager honed his skills as a decisive leader, strategist, marketer, and developer of talent.

Key Accomplishments

  • Owned and led four companies through triple-digit growth, achieving industry-leading retention rates of more than 92 percent.
  • As CEO of a human performance consulting company, delivered executive and manager coaching, strategic planning, team building, and corporate culture assessments for hundreds of business leaders and their companies. Wrote extensively on those subjects. Partnered in a retained search firm—interviewed over 10,000 professionals.
  • Played a key role in the development and facilitation of 10 CEO Roundtable Groups. Developed and facilitated three CFO roundtables.
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