Recruiting and Retention in Iowa: The Four Things you need to know for 2018

By: Jim Roy
Jim RoyWe will discuss the four primary components of successfully finding and recruiting talent in the current employment market.

How to attract the talent you need: Know your place in the market. What are the top three reasons why an employee should work for you?

On boarding your talent: What does the first day on the job look like? Do you present a training schedule?

What does my future look like as a new employee: Do you have a clear career path to share with new employees on what they can become?

Communication: How often do you formally share progress information? Does the employee know how they are performing?

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Give actual experiences of successful organizations and how they manage their talent. The current labor market is as challenging as it is has been in the history of Iowa. Do employers understand what today’s employee wants to know? Do employers understand what an employee needs?
  • Leave with a clear, current strategy to bring back to their company. The best part of recruiting and retention today…. it’s not as difficult as it seems. However, following best practices is the key to success.

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About the Speaker:
Jim Roy is the Senior Vice President with QPS Employment Group, a recruiting/staffing firm.  Jim graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a degree in Communications and Public Relations.  Starting as a receptionist in a staffing company in Minneapolis, MN, Jim is now in his 24th year in the recruiting business.  Currently, he supports 12 branch locations in the state of Iowa with nearly 1,000 employees actively on contract.  Jim studies trends in the employment industry and is actively involved in economic development.

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