The Backward Thinking of Change

Presented By: Ryan Siskow

SiskowChange is a loaded word with the power to move us forward, take us backward or go nowhere at all. But in the end, the story of change always has one common theme: change is rarely consistent, but it’s always constant. For years, we’ve been talking about ‘managing change,’ when we really should be out there ‘leading change’ every day.

In fact, ‘change management’ as a core competency is on life support and fading fast.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Discussing core principles that explain the nature of change and its impact on people and organizations.
  • Exploring strategies and activities designed to facilitate both the personal and organizational transitions associated with change.
  • Identifying change resources that provide the tactical tools needed to accomplish specific goals and objectives throughout the entire change process.

Ryan Siskow, President of Consult 3C, is a People and Organizational Capability Consultant, Social Media Strategist and Author with 20 years of progressive experience in management consulting, strategy, learning, leadership development and social media. His experience includes work with MTV Networks, Taco Bell, Arthur Andersen, KPMG, IHOP, Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services, Iconic Group, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, Marriott and the Ohio State University School of Business.  His articles have been featured on numerous social media sites, including LinkedIn,, and

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