The Millennial Workforce: Tools For Leaders

By: Rowena Crosbie
Rowena CrosbieRarely a day goes by when we don’t read or hear about how the work ethics, behavior, and attitudes of millennials differ from the generations that preceded them. The fascination with millennials has led to the publication of a staggering number of books, articles, and training programs designed to understand the members of this new largest generation to enter the workforce and provide guidance on how to lead them.

What about when the tables shift and the millennials are called upon to lead? Millennials will be called to lead in organizations where the pace of change is breathtaking. As leaders, they will be faced with challenges they’ve never seen in the past and no leaders that preceded them have dealt with. The ability to acquire leadership skills through experience or from mentors who have “walked in their shoes” will be profoundly insufficient.

Never has leadership been more important. In this interactive presentation, we examine the tools for leading in the modern organization. Whether you are a leader creating the environment for success for the largely millennial workforce, or a millennial leader seeking to acquire tools for leadership success, this presentation offers insight, tools and ideas that leaders across all levels and all industries can immediately apply to tackle real world challenges.

Objectives of this presentation include:

  • Accurately diagnose the five roles leaders must play in the modern organization.
  • Identify three critical tools that leaders must gain mastery of.
  • Examine the most common mistakes leaders make that contribute to an environment that lacks accountability and fosters entitlement.

About the Speaker:
Rowena Crosbie is President and Founder of Tero International and co-author of, Your Invisible Toolbox: The Technological Ups and Interpersonal Downs of the Millennial Generation. She is also co-host of the Live YouTube Show, “Your Invisible Toolbox” that runs every Monday morning at 9:03 central time for 17 minutes.

Since 1993, Tero international has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier research and corporate training company. In the Des Moines Business Record Readers’ Poll Tero has been included among the Best Training and Development Companies since the category was introduced in 2007.

Thousands of professionals are graduates of Tero’s proprietary workshops. Courses addressing relevant business topics such as presentation skills, professional image, business etiquette, negotiation skills, leadership, and intercultural competence have been delivered in 12 countries and business professionals from over 40 countries are numbered among Tero’s graduates.

Ro’s commitment to help people challenge the way they think combined with her strong communication skills ignites a passion in her listeners which endures long after her presentations are over. Her ability to inspire audiences has consistently earned her reviews as a top-rated speaker and trainer. The design of her programs takes the wisdom of many years of research from the philosophical to the practical for her listeners. People who leave her sessions, leave with useful tools to become the very best they can be in both their personal and professional lives.

Ro has been honored as the Woman of Influence Business Owner of the Year by the Des Moines Business Record in 2009 and was named Executive of the Year by Executive Women International, Iowa Chapter, in 2004. She has been announced as the 2017 NAWBO (National Association of Business Owners) Iowa Chapter Legacy Award Winner – an honor she will formally accept in November 2017.

Bio is also on our website: Rowena Crosbie.

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