Threat Management and Workplace Violence Prevention

Presented By: James Dale

DaleLearn the latest in threat management strategies and opportunities to mitigate the risk of violence in the workplace. Better understand how to distinguish between those “making a threat” and those “posing a threat”. Learn more about the pathway to targeted violence, changes in behaviors of those contemplating violence, and intervention strategies available to your threat management team. Learn how to plan and implement a workplace violence prevention process in accordance with the American National Standard by SHRM and ASIS International.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Demonstrating a pro-active approach using best practices and standards to manage risk to your human capital.
  • Enhancing safety in the workplace through early intervention in the threat continuum.
  • Reducing the risk of negligent retention and negligent security litigation.
  • Increasing management’s awareness of threat management strategies and techniques as part of an operational risk process.

Board certified in security management, James provides a balanced approach of tactical and strategic risk solutions with decades of experience in global security and investigations. Seven Citadels Corporate Security Consulting is an independent consultancy which adds value to your business through sound and sustainable solutions. To bring the highest level of service to you and your organization they network extensively with subject matter experts. Their holistic approach enhances the resiliency of your business when faced with unacceptable risks.  James works with organizations of all sizes and in all industries to mitigate operational risk affecting your people, assets, and reputation.

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