Training with the Brain in Mind

Presented By: Melanie Hoffner

HoffnerWhen training is delivered in harmony with the way the brain works, participants’ engagement, comprehension, retention, application and enjoyment can soar Join Melanie Hoffner, Certified Brain-Based Trainer, to experience training with the brain in mind and leave with practical brain-based strategies you can use to win with your training delivery and your participants’ learning! Topics include Bowman’s “6 Trumps,” “The 10-Minute Rule,” “Press and Release,” “The Power of the Pink Elephant,” and more!

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Experience, explain and identify one way to apply each of Bowman’s “6 Trumps” in training delivery.
  • Experience, then explain the “10-Minute Rule” and “Press and Release” and identify at least three ways to provide opportunities for participants to process new information.
  • Experience, then explain “The Power of the Pink Elephant” and “Framing” and choose at least one application of each to use in training.

Many have enjoyed “WOW!” insights and experiences with Melanie Hoffner’s award-winning training facilitation, speaking and coaching. She currently contributes professionally as People Development Specialist with Brain Bonanza LLC. Her work includes an emphasis on brain-based learning/training/customer service/leadership/living, emotional intelligence and accountability.

Melanie is a lifelong learner with passions for the brain and the learning process. Among her certifications, Melanie is a Certified Brain-Based Trainer, which supports her commitment to apply neuroscience to create successful outcomes with the clients and organizations she serves. She is a long-time member of ATD Hawkeye, a chapter of the Association for Talent Development.

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