No Nonsense Retention….Making the Impossible Possible

By: Jeff Kortes

Jeff KortesIf you knew the key to retaining your top talent…would you try it?

Based on his book Employee Retention Fundamentals…No Nonsense Strategies to Retain Your Best People, Jeff provides insight into the thoughts and reasoning of employees who decide or are contemplating leaving their jobs in various organizations.  Through humorous, real-life stories and interactive participation, Jeff has created a program that helps organizations discover ways to gain a competitive edge when trying to retain talent to compete in the marketplace.

Interactive participation techniques include:

• Having volunteer participants read the real-life comments.
• Asking the audience group questions using the “call and response” technique.
• Having audience members pair up and discuss with a partner they do not know an idea they have learned that will use when they return to their organizations.  This is done at the midpoint of the program to break up the program.
• Going into the audience and asking individual participants questions.
• Asking for three volunteers at the end of the program to tell the audience what they will do differently as a result of the program.

Jeff gives you an eye opening glimpse into what motivates solid performers to consider leaving their employers and what gets them thinking that “the grass is greener” on the other side of the fence.

Attendees will hear real life comments that employees will never admit in an exit interview with human resources or tell their boss.  This information will provide unique insight as to why solid performers leave an organization.  The comments will enlighten participants so they can take a critical look at the employee retention process in their organizations both strategically and tactically.

Participants will:
• Understand reasons that solid performers leave an organization AND be able to act on those reasons to increase retention.
• Begin developing a strategic roadmap of activities that can be implemented to drive employee retention.
• Identify gaps in your strategic retention plan.
• Build retention into the key metrics of the organization so retention becomes a competitive advantage.
• Understand key retention factors that are important to different generations.

Jeff Kortes


Passing the Spark: Motivating Others

By: James Lloyd

James LloydThis interactive class offers documented, proven strategies that will motivate your associates. James also includes test cases from Fortune 100 companies. This course includes the need for motivation (energizing your team), moments of truth (loyalty), the Pygmalion Phenomenon (expectations of others), the Foreman Facts Model (retention and turnover), the Southwest Airlines Secret (service), and Captain Abrashoff’s Miracle (leadership hero). Come prepared to laugh, reflect, and revolutionize your leadership abilities. This speech details 5 practical ways to energize a team. Topics include turnover, LOA’s, loyalty and “Pygmalion” belief in others.
CE Learning Objectives:
• Apply HR knowledge to creating proven strategies to motivate team members
• Study of test cases
• Introduction of motivational framework, that includes: energizing team, creating loyalty, the Pygmalion Phenomenon and Formeman Facts Model
• Have the ability to apply test cases and motivational framework towards motivating and retaining staff.


Personal Best, Professional Best

By: Susan Ershler

Susan ErshlerSusan learned an important, simple truth from her quest to reach the top of Everest: to achieve something that seems impossible, you’ve got to first set the goal, then prepare, then keep going until you get there. Susan and her husband, Phil, were the first couple to climb the Seven Summits not because they are superhuman, but because they are humans who kept going. Susan’s believes that’s what achievement is made of. Personal and professional successes go to those who show up and do the work — until they reach their goals.
CE Learning Objectives
• Apply HR knowledge to map innovative strategies that instill perseverance and a solid foundation for best practices
• Introduction of the steps needed to see goals through to completion and how to stay focused through challenges.
• Dive into how partnerships and teams can ultimately help everyone succeed. Accountability and commitment to a shared goal will increase efficiency and build stronger working relationships


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