Values, Mission and Legacy-Minded Leadership

Presented By: Melvin Gonnerman

GonnermanIt is common for company websites to display their values and mission statements, but it is far less common for companies to be filled with people who actually live them out. When personal and corporate values align, employee engagement is more likely, especially if they see how their work connects with the corporate mission. In this talk, I will share insights that challenge and encourage you to become a legacy-minded leader who inspires employees to have the courage to act on shared beliefs, earns their trust, and creates a culture of success that brings out the greatness in others.

Learning objectives for this session include:

  • Recognizing the importance of connecting personal values and the company’s mission to increase employee engagement.
  • Identifying ways that values-based leadership affects the company’s culture and climate.
  • Reflecting on how the actions and decision leaders make today determines the legacy they leave behind after their time with the company ends.

Mel Gonnerman Jr., Ph.D. is the Director of Industrial & Organizational Services at the Peerman Group where he provides companies solutions in the areas of training, organizational planning, and leadership development. His educational background is in social and industrial/organizational psychology with a Ph.D. in psychology from Northern Illinois University. Dr. Gonnerman is a former faculty member in the psychology department at the University of Northern Iowa, Research Operations Manager at the Center for Social and Behavioral Research at UNI, Founder & Executive Director of a non-profit organization, and Corporate Planner & Marketing Director at a manufacturing company.


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