Why You Should and How to Conduct Compliance Training

Presented By: Paul Curtis

Paul CurtisFrom the perspective of an owner of an online compliance training company and employment attorney, attendees will learn, among other things:




  • Why you should train your employees in compliance issues
  • The costs of not conducting compliance training
  • How you can train your employees
  • What to look for in an online training system
  • Ease of use
  • Test it yourself
  • Documentation of training content
  • Tracking and reporting of employees taking the trainings
  • Building, customizing and scheduling trainings
  • Distribution of policies in a training system
  • Using an online training system to track in-person training

Paul Curtis is President and Founder of Curtis Communications, Inc. which provides legal information online for HR professionals and online training services to over 20,000 employers worldwide via hrcare.com and hrclassroom.com.  Their clients range from corporations with 10,000 or more employees, to small employers with less than 100.  Paul graduated from University of Michigan Law School in 1982, worked at an employment law firm in London, England, and then represented management in Iowa and the Midwest.  Paul taught an employment law course in the MBA program at Iowa State University, and has spoken at seminars on numerous employment law topics.

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