Your Organization’s DNA: Taking Culture Out of the Shadows

Michael Stewart Head ShotBy: Michael Stewart

Cultural change is difficult, so much so, organizations rarely know where to start. Organizations usually start with structure or tools, which are relatively easy to change but don’t yield long-term competitive advantages. Some will go deeper, focusing on reward systems and performance measures, and a few will even pursue true behavioral change. These initiatives are great, but they don’t result in a purposeful culture.

Through our interactive speaking engagement, we guide participants through shifting the way they approach their work (culture) to be in line with their organization’s direction and goals (strategy). Strategy culture alignment is unique to each organization and creates the differentiator your competitors wish they had.

Senior leaders understand culture will determine their success or failure. When the processes, systems, and metrics in the field of HR are linked to aligning a purposeful culture, our relevance to the organization increases significantly. Leaders drive culture. Culture drives performance. Performance drives results. Trust drives everything.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Why Health? Covers trends in values and engagement, and explains why these practices are not sufficient.
  • Why Culture? Explains how purposeful culture can account for as much as 50% of the competitive difference between organizations over a 10-year period.
  • Activity: Using one’s own organization, participants will identify strategic goals, how culture is currently being approached, and what culture is needed to reach strategic goals. Work Effects’ ten dimensions of culture provide the framework for this activity.

About the Speaker:
Michael Stewart, for the past 25 years, has consulted to hundreds of organizations ranging from the Fortune 50 to small non-profits. He has partnered with numerous thought leaders and organizations including David Campbell, Marshall Goldsmith, Blanchard, CCL, Covey, Lominger, Korn/Ferry and others. He is known for data driven solutions that appeal to the strategic CEO, the strategic Human Resources leader, and the practitioner.

Michael Stewart’s team of Ph.D. consultants and industry leaders has conducted hundreds of executive leadership programs, coaching engagements, training courses and delivered more than 4.5 million surveys working with organizations in more than 90 countries. His holistic approach aligns the leadership and culture of an organization to better execute their strategic intent.


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